BioBit – Mitochondia, the little engines that power your cells

Apart from these functions, mitochondria also plays an important role in initiation of innate immune response through Grim 19 protein which interacts with Th19 cells in innate immune response

Science Translation

Mitochondria are little, bean shaped organelles inside you cells that are responsible for making the majority of the energy used by your cells.

Blausen_0644_Mitochondria Courtesy: staff

This often earns them the nickname “powerhouse of the cell”; however mitochondria perform many other important functions like:
  • Helping control cell growth
  • Helping cells and stem cells grow into the right type of cell (differentiation)
  • Helping cells to communicate with other parts of the cell or with other cells
  • Ensuring that when cells have to die, they do so in a clean, organized process called apoptosis

The amount of mitochondria within a cell can vary widely depending on that cells function. Typically, cells that need lots of energy, like liver cells, have lots of mitochondria while cells that need little energy, like red blood cells, have little or none.

Mitochondria have their own DNA that is separate from the DNA found in the nucleus…

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