BioBit – The bacteria and antibiotics arms race

Science Translation

It’s been shown that there are 10 times as many bacteria on you as there are human cells in your body, this is called your microbiome. Your microbiome plays an important role in aiding digestion, training your immune system and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. For the most part this bacteria does no harm to you, however every so often you get infected with pathogens that require the use of antibiotics. This video helps explain good vs. bad bacteria.

Antibiotics, like penicillin, kill bacteria by targeting the unique traits that make them bacteria, like their cell wall or specific enzymes. This means the drugs don’t affect human cells and can often be used with minimal side effects.

Antibiotics, in general, are very good at killing off bacteria and this is why they have been successful in limiting the impact of infectious diseases since their introduction around the 1940’s. The trouble…

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