Smoking and the disappearing Y, are men losing what makes them men?

Science Translation

Smoking has killed countless people over the years and it has been projected that between the years 2000 and 2050 about 450 million more people will die from smoking related diseases. In many smokers, lung cancer is the primary cause of death followed by heart disease, however people who smoke can get cancers anywhere in the body including the lips, stomach, pancreas, liver, colon and rectum. Interestingly, there is data to show the men are around two times more likely to suffer from these other forms of cancer then women (excluding sex specific cancers). Up until recently, no one had an explanation as to why this may be. However, a report published in Science suggests that damage to, and loss of the males Y chromosome could account for this difference.

Every person has 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) in the cells of their body that contain and organize all the…

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