How much you love your near and dear ones

From dead to diamond: Company turns loved ones’ ashes to jewels

Ashes To Diamonds

A finished diamond is seen after the process of turning cremated ashes into a precious stone at the Swiss-based company Algordanza.

Caters News Agency

Diamonds are forever — and your cremated remains could be too!

A company in Switzerland called Algordanza, which means remembrance, is giving people the chance to memorialize themselves or others by converting their ashes into the precious stones, Caters News Agency reports.

The deadly diamonds are created in a high-tech lab using a chemical process to extract carbon from cremated human remains before converting them into graphite.

The process is a genuine replica of conditions seen at the center of the earth that are responsible for forming diamonds naturally.

The graphite is then placed inside a machine where it is exposed to extremely high pressure and temperatures of around 2,732 degrees Fahrenheit. Just weeks later, a diamond is formed.

Algordanza produces around 850 Memorial Diamonds each year, according to Caters. People have amazingly coughed up anywhere from $10,000 to $32,000 for the prized possessions.


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