Stem cell therapy for female Infertility: Dream or Reality?


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Rapid advancements in stem cell research have been a hope for the cure of several diseases and disorders including infertility. But a recent study by Swedish researchers from University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institute questions the feasibility of female infertility treatment with stem cells.

The basic principle of stem cell therapy is to induce the pluripotent stem cells to differentiate in to lineage of cells or tissue of choice. Several researchers believe that stem cell technology could solve the problems of female infertility by generating new eggs (ova) from stem cells despite the fact that ova is present in a woman since her birth.

The research team led by Dr. Kui Liu and Dr. Jan-Åke Gustafsson proved that oogenesis does not occur from the germline stem cells in adult mice by in vivo cell-lineage tracing throughout their life time. “Ever since 2004, the studies on stem…

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