Energy Drinks linked to sudden cardiac arrest in young individuals


Popularity of energy drinks (EDs) among young adults has increased exceptionally in recent times. These energy shots are often marketed to relieve fatigue and boost sports performance. But the reality is that these stimulant beverages mainly contain caffeine in exceeding amounts either labelled or masked, which consumers doesn’t pay much attention.

These marketed products may also contain other supplementary ingredients, for instance like herbal extracts (guarana, ginseng, and taurine) in variable quantities, which are very much like caffeine but in higher fold of concentration. Addition of such substances can offshoot many uncertain interactions with body physiological functions. The negative impact and consequences might be even higher with the practice of mixing alcohol with energy drinks, a common trend among adolescents and college student’s.

A team of researchers lead by Dr. Facian Sanchis-Gomar from the Research Institute of Hospital 12 de Octubre (“i + 12”), Madrid, Spain have studied cardiac…

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