BioBit – Fibroblasts are your body’s repair specialists

Science Translation

As discussed earlier, connective tissue, acts to support your bodies organs and keep everything together. Fibroblasts are the cells in the body that are the most important in making this connective tissue, also known as extracellular (outside the cell) matrix. Fibroblasts are important in making a variety of proteins but two of the most abundant and important are:

  1. Collagen – acts like the cables on a suspension bridge or rebar in construction, adding strength to your tendons and other tissues.
  2. Elastin – an elastic fibre that gives tissues, like your skin, the ability to snap back into place.

By far one of the most important functions of fibroblasts is to repair your body’s wounds. If you imagine a cut in your hand, fibroblasts help heal it in two major ways:

  1. They make and lay down collagen at the site of the wound. The collagen makes the wound stronger and…

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