Your genes make you the target for mosquitoes!


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Haven’t you often wondered why you have been the target of incessant mosquito bites in the park while your friends seem to be at ease? Now, scientists from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine ask you to blame that on your genes. They found that the likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes could be down to our genes.

A series of trials was carried out on twins to reveal some exciting information that can potentially lead to the understanding of how human relationship with mosquitoes has evolved over time. In this pilot study, Aedes aegypti, dengue mosquitoes, were released into a Y-shaped tube which further divided into two compartments. They were allowed to fly down either side towards the odour from the study participants’ hands to see which twin they were most attracted to. It was observed that the attractiveness of mosquitoes was more similar…

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