Research on bacteria paves the way for new antibiotics


There is an immediate need for inventions and discoveries of new antibiotics to fight, the fast evolving antibiotic resistant bacteria. Latest study from University of Adelaide has an answer for this. Researchers have discovered a target for the development of new antibiotics against disease-causing bacteria.

Research team led by Associate Professor Renato Morona has identified a building block common to many types of bacterial ‘virulence factors’. Virulence factors are bacterial proteins such as toxins or degrading enzymes that act as weapons to cause disease. This building block, called the Passenger-associated Transport Repeat (PATR) is found in virulence factors of many major harmful bacteria including Salmonella, Shigella, and Meningococcus as well as bacteria that cause infections in cystic fibrosis and burns patients.

PATR is found in majority of the so-called ‘Gram negative bacteria’, including those that have developed resistance to a broad range of antibiotics. PATR was shown…

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