Sell your stools – Save the world!

Targeting the gut microbiota through the microbial shift or by the microbial transplantation is the answer for almost all the human related disease starting from the neuronal dysfunctioning to reproductive dysfunctioning.


Photo credit: OpenBiome Photo credit: OpenBiome

Everybody poops; it is an essential fact of life which we just flush away without second thought. However, did you know that one man’s trash i.e. poop, can be another man’s treasure? It is in this spirit that a non-profit company OpenBiome is paying for stool samples in order to create a Biome or repository of stool samples for life saving fecal transplant treatments to serve those infected with the multi-antibiotic resistant Clostridium difficile.

Infections of C.difficile result in severe diarrhoea, hospitalizing 250,000 Americans each year and causing about 14,000 deaths. This infection come about after using antibiotics for too long, which ties into what makes it exceptionally difficult to treat. At time of infection, usually the patient’s gut microbiota is nearly wiped out, and conventional probiotics are not sufficient to replace them. Therefore, gruesome as it may sound, faecal transplant becomes the best treatment for C…

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