The Science Of ‘Hangry’ – Why some People get Angry when they’re Hungry


Do you know how it would be to get angry when you were hungry? Or has someone snapped angrily at you when they were hungry? If so, this experience is called “hangry” (a mixture of hungry and angry); the phenomenon whereby some people get grumpy and short-tempered when they’re overdue for a feed.

But where does hanger come from? And why is it that only some people seem to get hangry? Let us now consider the physiology of hanger. The carbohydrates, proteins and fats in everything you eat are digested into simple sugars, amino acids and free fatty acids. These nutrients pass into your bloodstream from where they are distributed to your organs and tissues and used for energy. As time passes after your last meal, the amount of these nutrients circulating in your bloodstream starts to drop. If your blood-glucose levels fall far enough, your brain will perceive it…

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