Stinky Hydrogen Sulphide protects Sperms: A cure to male infertility? – NUS, Singapore

Identification of the role of H2S for its potential efficacy to prevent apoptosis and as a treatment strategy to reverse the male infertility, will improve the prospects of using a probiotic strain with the potential to produce H2S. But H2S production can have its anti-microbial efficacy.

The same needs to be evaluated before conclusively suggesting.


Infertility accounts for problems associated with conceiving and about 15% of couples worldwide are affected due to this condition. Male infertility rate has increased more than that of female infertility rate; heat stress of the scrotum majorly affecting spermatogenesis and cryptorchidism, a condition characterized by the loss of one or both of the testes in the scrotum are the contributors of male infertility.

A team from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore (NUS) headed by Prof. B.C. Wong demonstrate for the first time the physiological, pharmacological role of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in testicular germ cells and unraveled how H2S aids in protecting the germ cells by preserving mitochondrial function and stimulates anti-oxidant activity.

H2S known to cause the smell of rotten eggs could be a potential cure to male infertility someday. It plays an important roleā€¦

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