Alteration of the Gut-microbiome by Weight-loss Surgery to Help Combat Obesity


Weight-loss surgery may prove to be successful in the long run by affecting the body’s microbiome. In addition to shedding the extra pounds, this shall aid in combating obesity for years to come.

Researchers from University of Gothenburg, Sweden undertook a study of 14 women who had undergone Roux-en-y gastric bypass and vertical banded gastroplasty surgery in the previous nine years. These two surgeries are the most common forms of bariatric surgery and were found to alter the gut’s microbiome independent of the body mass index. In turn, this altered the fecal and the circulating metabolite levels when compared with obese controls.

In the experiment, microbes from stool samples of women who had undergone bariatric surgery were transferred to “germ-free” mice and microbes from obese women who hadn’t undergone the surgery were also transplanted using a similar method. It was observed that mice who received the microbes from women who underwent…

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