Bacterial Infection In Prosthetic Knee Joint due to Vigorous Dental Flossing


Dental flossDental floss

A 65-year-old woman with a knee replacement in Wisconsin took her at-home dental routine one step further by vigorously flossing her teeth until her gums bled. The unidentified woman landed in the emergency room after complaining of pain and swelling around her knee, but ultimately doctors found her tooth flossing to be the cause, according to the report published in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

After arriving at the hospital with chills and in excruciating pain, doctors obtained a fluid sample from around the prosthetic. The knee replacement was found to be infected with Streptococcus gordonii, a bacterium usually found in the mouth.

“This bacteria lives in the mouth, [but doctors] happened to find it in a place where we don’t typically find it, which is the knee joint,” said Dr. Ala Dababneh, co-author of the report and an infectious diseases doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, LiveScience

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