Pediatric antibiotic administration can have long-term effects on child development

The alternatives for antibiotics are an urgent need for the pediatric use. There are high incidences of adolescent diabetic in children exposed to high antibiotic use in their childhood.


Effect of Antibiotic administration on the gut microbiota Effect of Antibiotic administration on the gut microbiota

Antibiotic use has rapidly increased around the world, over the past few decades. According to prescription data, the average two year old in the United States receives three courses of antibiotics. By the time the kid turns ten, he/she has received roughly ten courses. An important consequence of antibiotic use is the development of antibiotic resistance by bacteria. However, not much is known about the effects of antibiotic administration on the normal microbiota or microbe distribution within the body and the consequential effects on physiology.

The term ‘normal microbiota’ refers to the microbes that naturally occur in the body, are usually non-detrimental and have significant physiological roles. For example, some gut microbes aid in digestion and vitamin production. Diseased individuals show differential distribution of microbiota compared to unaffected individuals. Scientists from the NYU Langone School of Medicine, USA, hypothesized that administering…

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