Mundipharma demonstrates efficacy of BETADINE formulations against Ebola Virus


Keeping hands clean effective in checking Ebola, says virologist

Ebola virus disease has been keeping the entire healthcare community to ransom the whole of last year. Since the risk of re-introduction or re-emergence of EVD is very high, it underscores the importance of robust surveillance measures in currently unaffected areas.

As on 22nd November, a cluster of three cases of EVD were confirmed in Liberia, a country that was previously declared free of Ebola transmission on 3 September 2015. Several other West African countries are undergoing a 90-day period of enhanced surveillance schedule before they can be declared EVD-free.

The Ebola virus (EBOV) epidemic thus highlights the need for efficacious virucidal products to help prevent infection and limit the spread of EVD. However, there is not much data on the efficacy of virucidal products against EBOV, especially since the virus has a high biosafety level and is only available…

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