Towards immune system-based treatment of leukemia: Cells killing each other!


In October 2015, scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI, LA JOLLA-CA) discovered a novel way to treat leukemia; by converting leukemia cells to leukemia-fighting cells!

“It’s a totally new approach to cancer, and we’re working to test it in human patients as soon as possible,” said senior investigator Richard A. Lerner, Institute Professor and the Lita Annenberg Hazen Professor of Immunochemistry at TSRI.

Prof Lerner’s research laboratory is involved in the creation and functional screening of antibody libraries in order to find their targets molecules or binding receptors on the cell’s surface. Antibodies are molecules of the immune system and have complementary structure to their targets, to which they bind. This binding is very specific and is the basis of the immune system’s functionality; the antibodies can detect special protein structures presented by viruses, or other, foreign to the organism cells, bind to them and initiate a number of…

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