Carbohydrates can also cause cancer!


A research study confirms what scientists have been suspecting for many years now. Consuming carbohydrates can indeed increase the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer.

The study revealed that if postmenopausal women who already have a history of breast cancer continue to remain on increased carbohydrate intake after surgery, they are twice as much likely to have recurrence. This has many implications on women who have not had breast cancer yet, as well as for everyone who want to prevent cancer in the future.

According to Life Extension Magazine, the most direct way to reduce the body’s exposure to the carbohydrates that are related to cancer risk is to eat a diet containing fewer carbohydrates and simple sugars. A more palatable and practical option to reduce carbohydrate exposure is to use specific nutrients that limit or slow starch breakdown in the intestine, which in turn reduces blood sugar levels and…

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