C-section babies could benefit from microbial transfer from mom’s vagina

Truly a unique but effective way to expose the C-section born to maternal mircoflora. This needs to be further investigated to scientifically validate the findings.


Partially restoring mom’s good bacteria in C-section babies

newborn_baby_Wikipedia A new born baby gets its mom’s good bacteria during vaginal birth. Scientists tried to swab these bacteria on C-section babies, and found it could partially restore the microbiome

Babies delivered by C-section differ from babies delivered vaginally in the makeup of the microbes (microbiome) that live in and on their bodies. These early microbiomes help educate the baby’s developing immune system. Previous research have suggested a link between C-section delivery and increased subsequent risk of obesity, asthma, allergies, atopic disease and other immune deficiencies. Many of these diseases have also been linked to the microbiome, though the role a newborn’s microbiome plays in current or long-term health is not yet well-understood.

In a small pilot study, researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai determined that a simple swab to transfer…

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