Why Preventing Cancer Is Not the Priority in Drug Development


Why most of the research focuses on treating cancer rather than preventing it?

This is because the economic resources motivate researchers to focus on treatment rather than prevention. More profits have been made, investing in medication that extends the lives of cancer patients by even a few months rather than investing in medicines that would altogether prevent the development of cancer.

29up-healthincent2-master675 bit.ly/1WCjt5m

R&D on cancer prevention and treatment of early-stage cancer is very socially valuable, but developing drugs to treat late-stage disease is usually much faster than developing drugs to treat early-stage disease or prevention. This is because late-stage disease is aggressive and progresses rapidly. This allows companies to see results in clinical trials more quickly, even if those results are only in the form of small improvements in survival.

Drug manufacturers always rush through their product to be safe and effective, so they get patent(s) for the drug and approval from FDA…

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