Scientists Create Functional Sperms using Stem Cells



Scientists at the Nanjing Medical University, China have succeeded in creating functional sperms from mice in the laboratory!

The researchers coaxed the mouse embryonic stem cells to turn into functional sperm-like cells, which was then injected into egg cells to produce fertile mouse offspring. This is a landmark study which could one day give us clues about how to treat male infertility in humans. The work was published in Cell Stem Cell.

“Reproducing germ cell development in vitro has remained a central goal in both reproductive biology and reproductive medicine,” says co-senior study author Jiahao Sha of Nanjing Medical University.

“We established a robust, stepwise approach that recapitulates the formation of functional sperm-like cells in a dish. Our method fully complies with the gold standards recently proposed by a consensus panel of reproductive biologists, so we think that it holds tremendous promise for treating male infertility.”

Infertility affects 15% of…

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