A first of its kind tool to study the histone code-Epigenetics breakthrough!


Pic credit: http://bit.ly/1zoZmLx                 Pic credit: http://bit.ly/1zoZmLx

Scientists from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill have created a new way to investigate epigenetic mechanisms important in diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to cancers. This new research tool that is based on the fruit fly, is capable of cracking the histone code.

Histones are proteins that play critical roles in regulation of gene expression in animals and plants. This research tool can be used to better understand their function. This work led by Robert J. Duronio and A. Gregory Matera has been published in the journal Developmental Cell and opens avenues to explore the biology of a host of conditions and diseases. “People think cancer is a disease of uncontrolled proliferation, but that’s just one aspect of it,” said Robert Duronio, PhD, professor of biology and genetics and co-senior author. “Cancer is actually a disease of development in which…

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