Trapped malarial parasites spell hope for future cure



Scientists at the School of Biosciences, University of Melbourne in conjunction with  Indonesia’s Eijkman Institute and Hasanuddin University, Japan’s Jichi University, Nagasaki University and Tokyo University and the US based Johns Hopkins University have recently discovered a way of preventing malarial resistance.

According to the findings of this study published in the journal Sciencethese group of researchers have used the malarial parasite’s own survival mechanisms to work against itself and prevent it’s further spread.

In certain parts of the world, malaria still continues to be the leading cause of death, claiming approximately 440,000 lives annually and putting 3.2 billion others at risk.

Like HIV, finding a long term cure for this disease has been close to impossible because of the parasite’s ability to mutate and resist the action of drugs. Up until now, it has also been believed that for every new drug that is targeted against this…

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