The Nut that Guards your Gut: Walnuts may act as a Probiotic against Colon Cancer


Regular consumption of walnuts may alter gut bacteria to improve colon health and prevent colon cancer

Known to be one of the richest sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients, walnuts have been associated with a number of health benefits including reduced risk of heart diseases, improved brain function and cancer prevention.

Evidence for the anti-cancer properties of this brain nut have been mounting in the recent past with several groups reporting reduction of growth in prostate, colon and rectal cancers in mice.

A recent study by Daniel W. Rosenberg of UConn Health and Dr. George Weinstock of The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine has shown for the first time that besides suppressing colon tumors, walnuts may also act as a probiotic, build a healthy gut, and offer protection against cancer.

walnuts-halves-pieces_1-oz_white-background_lo-res_use-for-online-only2 Walnuts may improve colon health and suppress colon cancer. (Photo: California Walnut Commission)

When suppression of colon tumor development was observed…

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