Travelling increases the risk of antibiotic resistance


Scimat Scimat via Getty Images Scimat Scimat via Getty Images

When you travel abroad, you get exposed to different cultures, traditions and challenging experience. However, gaining new life insights may not be the only thing you get from an expat life, rather you might get very minute changes that you don’t even realize them. Such changes will take place very deep inside you; in your gut.

The human gut provides shelter for millions of bacteria, fungi and archaea; constituting what is widely known as human gut microbiome (HGM). Generally, HGM is composed of three majors groups: Prevotella, Bacteroides and Ruminococcus. Nutritional habits and environmental factors widely affect the distribution and balance between different groups. For instance, Prevotella group is mostly associated with carbohydrates and simple sugars intake, while Bacteroides group thrives with higher consumption of animal proteins, amino acids and saturated fats. Thus, the diet composition determines the dominating group in our guts.

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