Scientists at BARC Have Devised a Way to Make Sea Water Drinkable!


Scientists at BARC unleash a ‘sea’ of hope

Scientists from the renowned Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in India have devised a novel way of purifying up to 6.3 million liters of sea water a day and rendering it suitable for human consumption. In a country like India, where 13 of its states are currently suffering from a drought, this new technology spells hope and holds great promise.

The pilot plant set up at Kalpakkam in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu uses waste steam produced from nuclear reactors to purify the seawater and converts it into fresh potable water.

640px-BARC_nuclear_reactor View of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) from seaside. Source : Wikimedia Commons

The purified water produced is currently being used at the Kudankulam nuclear reactor in Tamil Nadu. When tasted, the purified water tasted “like fresh water”, unlike the saline sea water from which it originated.

Similar plants have been set…

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