Menopause and sleepless nights may make women age faster


woman-208723_960_720Credit: Pixabay

A pair of studies published by UCLA researchers reports that menopause accelerates biological aging and that insomnia, which often accompanies menopause, also has a clear association with age acceleration.

The dual findings suggest both factors could increase women’s risk for aging-related diseases and earlier death. The two studies, published in separate journals, contribute to increasing evidence of the biological clock’s variability.

“For decades, scientists have disagreed over whether menopause causes aging or aging causes menopause,” said Steve Horvath, a professor of human genetics and biostatistics in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and senior author on both studies. “It’s like the chicken or the egg: which came first?  Our study is the first to demonstrate that menopause makes you age faster

Not getting restorative sleep may do more than just affect our functioning the next day, said Judith Carroll, an assistant professor of psychiatry at…

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