Why we like the music we do?


Music1 Source: Pixabay

Neuroscientists have investigated the origin of musical tastes for several decades. Scientists have pondered whether this preference has cultural origin or hardwired in the human brain. A recent study from MIT and Brandeis university suggests that musical tastes are cultural, and not hardwired in the brain.

Western styles of music rely heavily on harmonies. In such a system, certain combinations of notes are generally considered more pleasant than the others. Consider the following video that presents a consonant and dissonant set of musical chords. Chances are that if you are reading this article, you might enjoy the consonant chords (good-sounding chords) more than the chords that are dissonant (jarring chords).

For several centuries, scientists have believed that the brain is wired to respond favorably to consonant chords such as the fifth (as one of the notes is five notes higher than the other). Ancient Greeks were the first…

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