The sugar coated truth of artificial sweeteners

In our ongoing studies also we have established High Sugar Induced Diabetic model. Fructose and sucrose are highly potent induces of Metabolic Disorders as compared to Glucose itself.


Previous studies have suggested that consuming artificial sweeteners may cause overindulgence and pack on extra pounds. New research published in Cell Metabolism reveals the mechanism behind this counterintuitive effect.

sugar-1514247_960_720Credit: Pixabay

Artificial sweeteners made their foray into the market with the intention of combatting the increasing rate of obesity. Researchers from University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre have observed that consumption of synthetic sweeteners may actually interfere with our learned responses and innate ability to balance glucose and energy levels.

The sweet imbalance 

Our body has the ability to gauge how many calories we need, partially based on the sweetness of food. The richer it is in sweetness, the higher it is in calories and our brain can tell us when to stop eating. Artificial sweeteners puts a wrench in this whole process. These are synthetic sweeteners, many times sweeter than regular sugar and most of them have no calories. Thus, you would…

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